Starting at $44.00 each, these carbide inserted tools are the best value anywhere for making pens, spindles, bowls, or whatever the project. They replace the common gouge chisels, regular scrapers, pretty much every tool on the bench except the parting tool. The carbide pen making chisels are near the bottom of the page, and of the thousands of tools we have make and sold, these are the top sellers.

Despite the strange claims and futile patent attempts by others, we made the very first carbide inserted tools to appear in the marketplace, and spent the first 8 years or so demonstrating that carbide was exellent for turning wood, and the remaining years since then demonstrating that carbide turning tools don't need to cost a fortune. There is a lot of hype out there from the competition and hype is expensive, as is reflected in their prices. With the exception of the grip on the larger tools, ours are 100% Made In America and will remain so as long as I draw breath.

 Our standard length is16 1/2 inches long with cushioned replaceable handles for your extreme comfort and enjoyment. (Yeah, you're right, it's a golf club grip.) The carbide inserts are factory ground to our specifications by a major carbide supplier. It's an extremely hard grade, 91 Rockwell hardness, and holds an edge indefinitely. The smooth grind and precise bevel angle leaves a great finish. Much greater spindle speeds are possible than with steel chisels without dulling the cutter, which not only saves time in turning, the greater speed also leaves a better finish that requires less sanding. Use flat like a scraper for shaping, then turn to an angle and sweep slowly as a shearing scraper for the finishing cut. The tools will make finish cuts that require almost no sanding. Because they operate so well at high speeds, end grain cuts are smooth and free from catching and grabbing, unless you let the spindle speeds fall too low. The only limitations on spindle speeds are the solidity of the wood, the machine and the attachments between the two. The cutters will handle higher speeds than you will ever use. My first turning experience with these chisels was in turning a large pedestal from mesquite for a table. By the time I got the pedestal rounded off and running true, I had the speed up so high that I had to wear a glove on my left hand because the shavings were so hot coming off the workpiece that it was starting to burn my hand, and the cutter still didn't dull. When (finally) the cutter starts getting dull, you can loosen the screw with an Allen wrench,(provided) and rotate the cutter to a new position. When it is dull all the way around you can either sharpen it with a diamond file, take it to the saw shop, or return it to me for sharpening. We sell the replacemen cutters, to our chisel cusomer only, for $15 each. These woodturning tools are $59 each. $7.00 shipping on this item regardless of quantity ordered will be automatically added at checkout. Shipped by USPS priority mail. Thanks for looking. Joe Rollings, Unique Tool, Rodeo NM

Here is some video of one of our tools in action! Later in the video you can see our new "penetrator" hollowing tool rest at work, hollowing a mesquite vase. Thanks for looking!...Joe

 Our regular length tools are 16 1/2" long. We are now offering, in addition to regular length and the 36" "boss hogger", a 24" length. If you would like to add this option, after purchasing your regular length tools,click the button below and it will be added to your purchase at the rate of $5 per tool. It will apear on your invoice as "increase length to 24".

                                        increase length to 24" 

                                             $5 per tool 

We have had many requests for a flat bottom tool, as it will better resist twisting in the hand when the cutter is used towards the side. We are now offering the 5/8" round shanks with a flat spot aprox. 1/2" wide on the bottoms. It works best on the 1/2" round and square nose models, but will tend to reduce twisting on any size. Cost is $5 per tool, and will apear on your invoice as  "add flat bottom"

                               Add flat bottom

                                  $5 per tool

ATTENTION! We are having code problems with the button. If you want the flat bottom, please click the above button to increase length to 24" and either send us a note with the payment or give us a call toll-free at 1-800-840-2434 and let us know that the extra $5 is for a flat bottom on your tool. I have wasted too much time on the problem already and I have toools to make!....Joe


Set of six standard length carbide woodturning tools $354.00




3/4" Round Carbide Lathe Chisel. $59.00 plus shipping

5/8" Round carbide lathe chisel $59.00 plus shipping

1/2" round carbide lathe chisel $59.00 plus shipping

5/8" square carbide lathe chisel $59.00 plus shipping

1/2" square carbide lathe chisel $59.00 plus shipping

3/4" triangle or spear point lathe chisel $59.00 plus shipping

  Carbide pen chisel, 1/2" round, $44.00

    Carbide pen chisel, 1/2" square, $44.00

These little darlin's are pen turners chisels or micro chisels. Made, by popular demand, for those folks who like turning small projects on small or medium sized lathes, they are only 10" long and have 1/2" shanks. The carbide inserts are the same grade as the larger chisels and are 1/2" round or 1/2" square. The bottoms of the shanks are flattened for the 2 inches directly under the insert. Very nice, smooth cutting and long lasting tools for doing precise turning on small projects. $44 each, buy one or both. Shipping is only $7, regardless of how many you buy.


Boss Hogger! 36" long 3/4 round nose chisel, $69.00 This is the one that you big bowl turners and others have been waiting for! Obviously, it's not for everyone, as the 36" shank would be downright silly for pen turning and other small projects, but for increased control and leverage on big projects or bowl turning where the chisel must overhang the tool rest more than normal, this one will make you very happy! The solid 5/8 diameter steel shank makes for a "solid" feel without jumping and bucking and the combination of the super sharp and hard carbide insert and the cushioned grip will make you very comfortable and confident in your work. The picture includes one of our regular length chisels beside the "boss hogger". We have sent our chisels all over the world and gotten a wonderful welcome from the trade both from pro's and hobbyists alike. One of the most common groups ordering from us are retired machinists, because they know what top-grade carbide can do! The Boss Hogger comes with the 3/4" round style insert, although you can order it in any style you wish. Thanks for looking….Joe